Happy Whole U

The life-changing online program for women damaged by religion

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Were you the Religious Good Girl?


Deeply passionate about your relationship with God. You were "on fire" and "sold out!" 

So committed to your purity that you avoided things that were labeled secular or worldly.

Convinced it was your responsibility to save and convert all of your friends and loved ones.

At church all the time (gladly) for youth group, Bible study, service, volunteering, etc.

Completely wrapped up in your religious beliefs, with your entire world built on it's foundation.

...But despite your devotion,

it eventually all came crashing down. 

Now You See the Harm Done


✔️The unshakable belief that you're broken

✔️Still feeling overly responsible for everyone 

✔️A negative sense of self

✔️Unable to access your own inner authority

✔️Trouble thinking for yourself

✔️ Unaware of who you are now

✔️Isolated and lonely after losing community

✔️Unsure how to effectively navigate your emotions


Happy Whole U

An online transformational program for the recovering Religious Good Girl.

Check Out What's NEW:

NEW Curriculum! We've created an EVEN BETTER course

NEW Community Platform! No more prying eyes of IG

NEW Monthly Sacred Circles! Available to you ALL year long

NEW 150+ page workbook! Redesigned with new exercises

NEW Cheaper option! Basic and Premium options available

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We begin Monday, Sept 9th
EMILY - Fall '22

"I am so incredibly thankful for Happy Whole U; it has seriously changed my life! Even in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined the change and growth I'd experience in these past 10 weeks. Thank you, Cara and Rachael, for being brave enough to do the work yourself, and brave enough to put it all out there to help people like me."

TRINA - Winter '22

"I cannot express adequately how impactful the work I did with Cara and Rachael has been on me. Truly they are compassionate and wise soul guides who helped me find my own voice and the strength to use it. Happy Whole U was possibly the most important thing I needed after leaving an orthodox religion. Do this course!"

BETH - Winter '22

"I was so impressed with Happy Whole U and so deeply grateful for all of the work that went into creating the program. I learned so many tools I will use for the rest of my life, felt seen and accepted, and created such wonderful friendships along the way. What a special space and I'm really thankful to have been a part of it."


Being a part of HWU was the most impactful decision of my year.

"I had years of personal faith-transition coaching, hundreds of hours of podcasts, close friend support and stacks of books that had guided and aided my religious recovery, AND still Happy Whole U felt like the missing piece for me to finally find home within myself post religion (or for the first time ever really).

I learned how to give myself permission to just BE, as I am, rather than wait to for a better, more perfect version of me to feel worthy or good enough. I would recommend this program for anyone seeking support, community, rest, and joy in their religious recovery journey. It will be something you look forward to all week! "

-Brook, Winter 2022

STEPH - Fall '23

“I am so glad I invested in myself and went through HWU. It provided much-needed structure for me in my deconstruction journey. Cara and Rachael are experts in helping guide you back home to yourself. This course was well worth the financial and time commitment, and will be the gift that keeps on giving to myself.”

BROOKE - Spring '23

"Happy Whole U provided a safe space for me to feel all the feels of my faith deconstruction. It has given me the empathy for myself, instruction and hope I desperately needed to make sense of my religious programming. Happy Whole U was worth every penny and I'm so grateful for a group who supported me right where I was!”

SARAH - Winter '23

 "I would 100% recommend taking Happy Whole U! The cost may seem prohibitive initially but it was definitely worth more than what I paid. It was hard work, but necessary, and I wouldn't have wanted to journey it with anyone else. Rachael and Cara were amazing, and it's clear that they love what they do."


You are not the problem.

Your religious programming is.

When you're deeply conditioned by religion, it will continue to unconsciously drive your life, despite having left.

Let us show you how to put your programming in the the back seat, for good!

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Hi, We're Cara and Rachael!

We will help you every step of the way! We have been M.A. certified coaches for 18 years, specializing in faith transitions. We have worked 1000s of hours extensively coaching women who were programmed to be “good religious girls” and have taught them the tools to recover from religious harm.

We can help you, too!

But this is not where we started.

Both of us were former pastors in the Evangelical church for over 10 years. We left everything behind decades ago in our late 20’s, one of the most difficult experiences of our lives. We navigated our faith crisis completely alone before the days of social media or podcasts, and even before the term deconstruction was a thing. We were so desperate for any resource or lifeline, but none existed.

We want to make sure that is NOT the case for you!

Here is What's Included in Happy Whole U

When you join us this fall, here is everything that is included with the program:

Video Curriculum 

Access 30+ in-depth videos that contain tools for immediate application. What we teach will forever change the way you relate to yourself. You'll return over and over to glean deeper insights!

Private Community

You will have access to our very own private online platform (away from the prying eyes of social media) where you can truly let down. Share resources, get advice, and stay connected all year long!


Access to journal prompts, practical exercises and all of the course materials to print and use as often as you’d like. These exercises will completely change how you see yourself and the world!


For the first time ever we are offering our students access to an ENTIRE YEAR of online, monthly meet ups. Keep the connections going all year, as you keep building on what you've learned with us.

Physical Workbook 

We will mail you your very own workbook with 150+ pgs full of journal prompts, practical exercises, and extra illustrations. You will LOVE this completely redesigned version, and will keep coming back to it. Promise!

Weekly Group Calls 

Cara + Rachael will take you on a deeper dive into each section's content during a 90 min weekly videocall. This supportive environment begins September 16th @ 9am PT and will run every Monday Sept-Nov.

Small Group Cohort

Get into a rhythm of connecting on a deeper level with a smaller group of like-minded women every Monday! Students have actually flown across the world for reunions after making such powerful connections!

Personalized Coaching

And the biggest bonus is having access to TWO trained and experienced coaches from Sept-Nov to help you personally apply the concepts to your life. Our hourly rate is $125/hr each, so this is an amazing deal!

This is for you IF:

✔️You want a structured container to help you grow

✔️You need practical, effective tools, not just talk

✔️You’re ready to commit time and energy to healing

✔️You want community and coaches who get it

This isn't for you if:

❌You want to debate theology

 ❌You want us to spoon feed you a new worldview

❌You're just not ready yet (and that's okay!) 

❌You have extreme trauma (we are not trauma therapists)

LEAH - Spring '22

"This was such a supportive way to process the grief felt after leaving 3+ decades of church dedication. HWU taught me to trust myself more while learning the tools to reconnect with myself. It was so special! This is a hard journey, but Cara and  Rachael gently took my hand and led me forward, together. 

PAULA - Spring '23

I was nervous to branch out and spend my time and money but I am so happy I did! The women in my group accepted and supported me, and Cara and Rachael helped me work through all of my questions. Thank you for the difference Happy Whole U is making in the lives of those taking it. It changed my life!

STEPHANIE - Fall '22

"Happy Whole U was a breath of fresh air and a much needed resource in my healing process. The material is SO good and went over things I didn't even realize I needed. The group support was so helpful while processing through all of this stuff and Cara and Rachael are AMAZING! So grateful I found Happy Whole Way!"