1:1 Coaching With Us

We're Trained For This!

Not only were we educated on how to hold this space for you, but we also have our own experience with the demolition and reconstruction of our own belief system. 1:1 coaching with us looks like:


You will specifically see how your religious programming is still showing up in your life (and what to do about it)


You'll create you new language for seeing + relating to yourself differently (because you were never broken to begin with)

Caring For

You will learn the tools to see yourself now and how to care for her vs. getting stuck in the past (self acceptance is key)

Hi, I'm Cara.

I'm originally from California but currently live in Chicago with my husband and son.

I was "all in" with the Evangelical Church as a youth pastor for 10 years. I left my faith when I was 27 and I've spent the past 16 years rebuilding a beautiful life and spirituality of my own. 

I have my MA in Soul Care and am a certified coach. I've worked with hundreds of women (from all different religious backgrounds) and really look forward to partnering with you!

Cara's Offerings

Cara offers 1:1 coaching sessions worldwide as you navigate a faith transition, by supporting you to: 

  • Identify and shift out of your religious programming
  • Rebuild your identity and self trust 
  • Learn to better understand and get your needs met 
  • Set boundaries to support your new beliefs
  • Guide you out of purity culture mindset
  • Explore what spirituality is for you now

...and all of the varying emotions that come with the loss of leaving religion. Her approach is gentle and down-to-earth (with a little bit of humor) and always with the goal to lead you back home to yourself. $100 USD/session

*I'm currently booked for 1:1 coaching. Please join the waiting list and I will notify you when a spot opens up.*

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Cara will reach out to you when spots open up

Working with Cara is life-changing. Prior to my sessions with her, I spent a year in and out of various therapy and coaching relationships, trying to find the answers and none of them stuck until Cara. Her talents are incredible, and I would recommend her 1000x over to anyone who needs help getting unstuck."

-Cara M

"Working with Cara helped me untangle years of messages about being the good girl. I’ve gone through therapy before, but these sessions really felt like the missing puzzle piece. For the first time, I’m showing up for myself in authentic and loving ways that feel so life-giving. 


Words that come to my heart when I think of Cara: gentle, loving, wise, kind, insightful, patient, open, calming.  She helps me consider new perspectives that help me feel “unstuck” and help me get out of my own way.  Thank you, Cara, for the gifts you’ve brought to my life!


"Cara has helped me see things in a different perspective, to care for myself and to be kinder to myself, and mainly, she has helped me to 'recalculate' the road I was taking so now I am on my way to living my life the way I was created to live it: happy, healthy, peaceful."


"Cara is truly a gem and I am beyond grateful for all of her support, guidance, big time “wooooooah” moments of clarity she offered, and really, her genuine friendship. I cannot recommend her coaching enough and I am so looking forward to more from her!"




Hi, I'm Rachael.


I currently live in Colorado with my husband and 2 kids, ages 13 + 11.

I was a children's pastor in my church and left my faith in my mid 20s (it was one of the hardest things in my life) and have come out of the other end with a beautiful life now.

I have my BA in Religion and my MA in Soul Care.  I am also a Certified Spiritual Director & Mediator.

I am currently not accepting new 1:1 clients at the moment but you can access my coaching over at Happy Whole U.

Rachael's Offerings

Rachael offers 1:1 WHOLEistic Soul Care sessions that are individualized to your needs. She will help you identify the narratives that have been driving your life up until this point, what is keeping you stuck, and will gently guide you along the path of self healing.   

*Rachael is currently not accepting new 1:1 clients*

"Rachael has an amazing gift for creating a safe and welcome space for me to share and be myself. As I've met with her I've gained some of the truest wisdom and insights about my life that I call upon in times of need. I highly recommend sessions with Rachael if you are looking for new truth and perspective in your life."  


"Rachael has an incredible way of creating space to be open, vulnerable, and content with where you are at right in this moment. She helps peel back my layers to understand who I am, why I act and react the way I do, and how I can take steps toward loving myself. She is an extreme empath in the best sense of the word and shows love, care, and understanding in all that she does. Rachael has changed my life!"