Were You Taught That:

There was one 'right way' to be and bad things would happen if I veered off the path?
Taking care of others, even at my own expense, was the most "loving" thing to do?
I could never trust myself fully because my heart and desires were sinful?
By being the "good girl" I could meet the standard of perfection put on me?

This is your religious programming. 

Though you're questioning (or have left your faith), that deep programming is STILL unconsciously running your life.

And It's Left You:

The aftermath of high demand religion leaves you feeling like you are still broken. Your old religious programming is causing you to spend countless hours on a hunt to find the one thing that needs to be "fixed" in order to be healed.

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you both and for Happy Whole Way. The work has been (and is) so challenging but so worth it. Thank you and I love you both so much and my wish is that your work keeps reaching the edges of the world!"

-Erin, all 2020 + Winter 2021 HWU Student

Do You Dream Of:


We are Cara + Rachael.

We will be your guides.

 With our Masters degrees in Soul Care and certified Spiritual Directors with 15+ yrs experience, we are trained to hold the space for you to develop more curiosity and gentleness on this journey.

We tried it all after we left the church many years ago. Self help fads, books, new age spirituality, diets--you name it--all with the hopes of feeling happy and whole. Nothing worked until we realized that we weren't broken after all, as our religion had conditioned us to believe. Life changed for us when we finally got off the hamster wheel of trying to "fix" ourselves.

We've helped hundreds of women get off that never ending hamster wheel of looking for a "cure," by teaching practical tools to instead learn how to care for yourself through every season of life. We've distilled years of learning from individual coaching sessions, into 10 weeks that will revolutionize your life!

Happy Whole U 

What Our Students Are Saying...

This course put everything I had been working on for the past several years in one place. But this time, it wasn’t about more doing and fixing, it was about more knowing and loving. HWU is the kind of course and connections you just don’t want to end!

-Fall 2020 + Winter 2021

“I listen to my body SO much more and respect what it has to say instead of fighting it or trying to change it.  I am still learning to trust myself, but I’ve seen a major improvement in trusting who I am and what is inside me.”

-Fall 2020

"Happy Whole U taught me how to give voice to my shadows.  I learned to listen deeply and see what else I was hiding.  I love being in a community of women who gather for the same goal. It’s such a safe space to explore what’s there.” 

-Fall 2020

"I’ve spent the last decade investing in therapy, classes, and books, looking for the right 'key' to get healthy and healing in each season of life.  But HWU gave me the tools to be my own healer. I learned how to put into action these healing practices.”

-Fall 2020

Enrollment Opens March 2022 

We are currently running our special Winter Session  (Jan-March) and the Spring Session will run (Mar-May).

Stay tuned because we will be opening up our waitlist in February and you'll want to get your name on there to receive a discount, as well as be able to register early!