Were You Taught That:

There was one 'right way' to be and bad things would happen if I veered off the path?
Taking care of others, even at my own expense, was the most "loving" thing to do?
I could never trust myself fully because my heart and desires were sinful?
By being the "good girl" I could meet the standard of perfection put on me?

This is your religious programming. 

Though you're questioning (or have left your faith), that deep programming is STILL unconsciously running your life.

And It's Left You:

The aftermath of high demand religion leaves you feeling like you are still broken. Your old religious programming is causing you to spend countless hours on a hunt to find the one thing that needs to be "fixed" in order to be healed.

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you both and for Happy Whole Way. The work has been (and is) so challenging but so worth it. Thank you and I love you both so much and my wish is that your work keeps reaching the edges of the world!"

-Erin, Fall 2020 + Winter 2021 HWU Student

Do You Dream Of:


We are Cara + Rachael.

We will be your guides.

 With our Masters degrees in Soul Care and certified Spiritual Directors with 16+ yrs experience, we are trained to hold the space for you to develop more curiosity and gentleness on this journey.

We tried it all after we left the church many years ago. Self help fads, books, new age spirituality, diets--you name it--all with the hopes of feeling happy and whole. Nothing worked until we realized that we weren't broken after all, as our religion had conditioned us to believe. Life changed for us when we finally got off the hamster wheel of trying to "fix" ourselves.

We've helped hundreds of women get off that never ending hamster wheel of looking for a "cure," by teaching practical tools to instead learn how to care for yourself through every season of life. We've distilled years of learning from individual coaching sessions, into 10 weeks that will revolutionize your life!

Winter 2023  is SOLD OUT!

We sold out all 24 spots on the first days of registration (when it was only open to the waitlist). Doors to enroll in the spring cohort that will run March-May 2023, will be opening in February 2023. Join the waitlist now if you want a chance to join!

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Happy Whole U 

What Our Students Are Saying...

“Happy Whole  U has helped me shed light on my religious conditioning. I was in limbo but now I'm learning to understand how it has helped me AND hurt me. I'm excited to explore new ways to connect with my spirituality with the tools this course has given me."

-Fall 2021

"Happy Whole U has been so helpful for me in this new journey [of faith transition]. It gave me tools to delve deep and be honest and discover who I am and who I am becoming. Rachael and Cara are north stars to me and I will always be forever grateful for their love and wisdom."

-Fall 2021

"I'm much more curious about my emotions [their triggers, origin and what they're trying to tell me]. It's been really helpful in learning how to communicate that in my marriage and in parenting. I find I have more grace for myself and no longer see myself as broken but rather just human."

-Fall 2021

"[The course content of Happy Whole U] really impacted me a ton tonight. Thank you Cara + Rachael for all your help. You two are amazing. I haven't stopped crying happy tears of relief since last night's coaching call. I'm so profoundly grateful for this class and community already."

-Winter 2022

"I truly have never felt so accepted by a group of women--always willing to give of themselves and be so accepting of me right where I am. I am proud to be a part of this course and recommend it to anyone in need!"

-Jen, Winter 2022 HWU Student

What You'll Get


"Soul Alignments"

Each week you'll be given Soul Alignments designed to apply what we are learning directly to your daily life. These exercises are transformative.

Small Group Community

You will be learning with a community of like-minded women.  Our students praise us for fostering a supportive and vulnerable environment.

Video Learning

Weekly lessons to watch on your own time that coincide with the workbook exercises. We take a deeper dive into this content during our Zoom calls.

10 Group Sessions

We host 10 weekly LIVE group coaching sessions over Zoom giving you the chance to ask us questions directly and interact with material on a deeper level.

WhatsApp Group

We use a private WhatsApp group as a means to stay connected as a group throughout the week, sharing our ah-ha moments and encouraging each other.

Personalized Coaching 

Throughout the 10 weeks you will have access to Cara + Rachael 24/7 via What's App to help you dig deeper into your personal experience.

"Ladies, my workbook arrived and I love it!  Thank you. I wanted to acknowledge your art, Cara. It has always been delightful and the colors calm and focus me. I’m a big fan. [You can really tell you put your heart into this]. Thank you over and over!"

-Pam, Fall 2021 HWU Student

150+ pg Workbook

If you like our Instagram account, you're going to really LOVE this workbook. We will mail you a physical copy with 150+ pages full of:

  • Journal prompts
  • Practical exercises
  • Illustrations

All designed as a beautiful companion to guide you on this 10 week journey (and beyond!) All of our students have RAVED about this resource!

“This worksheet [in the HWU workbook] alone could have saved me thousands in therapy bills, but I think the right help also comes at the right time!"

-Mandy, Fall 2021 HWU Student

"Personally I will keep this workbook forever, it feels like a gift. The art and illustrations draw you in, inspires and nurtures you. There is something really soothing and supportive about the way the material is presented in the workbook."

-Jan, Fall 2020 HWU Student

Small Group Coaching

This journey can feel very lonely at times, but we have found in our previous courses that having a group of like-minded (identifying-as) women coming out of a diverse range of religious traditions to learn with and from is invaluable! 

Plus you will have weekly access to us (Cara + Rachael) via What's App 24/7 to get personalized coaching in real time as you are going through the material. We both hold Masters Degrees and are certified in Individual and Group Spiritual Direction. This alone is worth $2000 based on our hourly rate! 

Group Call Times

For Spring 2023 session (March-May), we will be running TWO separate times for group coaching calls on Zoom every Monday:

  • Group 1 @ 11am PT (7pm GMT)

  • Group 2 @ 5pm PT

"I’ve only done a few weeks [of the course], and I’m already noticing how much more gentle and kind I am to myself and how I've been nurturing my inner child. I’m really grateful for you, Cara + Rachael. Thank you so much!"

-Vanessa, Fall 2021 HWU Student

"It’s been incredible feeling empowered to look within to give myself what I need rather than completely helpless and hostage to the anxiety.  This is all because of everything I've learned so far in HWU. Cara and Rachael, I can’t thank you enough for creating this space”

-Fall 2021

“I am crying, you just rocked my world! I have a lot to sit with now and think about. I don’t know what it is about this class, but I can never go to sleep after. I always lay in bed thinking about everything and feeling full of energy. It really is life-changing.”

-Winter 2020

"My mind is being blown left and right by all these connections being made here. I want my masters in Happy Whole U! Anything to be with you all again. Cara + Rachael, this program is just amazing, and your big hearts are perfect for what you are doing.”

-Winter 2021

"I'm so grateful for all of you! This has already been a powerful learning and growth experience for me, and we’re only a couple weeks in! So glad we’re all together this fall.  Thank you Cara & Rachael for leading us and for bringing this community together."

-Fall 2021

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What You'll Learn

What This Will Require of You


Commit to 10 Weeks of Transformation  

Change doesn't happen overnight, it is a process to be nurtured. Commit to diving deep into your religious recovery every Monday. We start the spring cohort on March 20, 2023 and will run through May 22, 2023.  During our 10 weeks together you will reset the way you relate to yourself. 

Participating in Small Group Coaching via ZOOM

Choose a weekly coaching session that works for you (Either 11am or 5pm PT, Monday). These sessions will help you integrate the material as well as form deep connections with like-minded women. Class size will be limited to 12 women (guaranteeing individualized attention). 

Listening on Your Own 

You have the freedom to watch the weekly teaching videos at your leisure.  We will post them one week in advance to give you plenty of time to soak them up and complete the corresponding exercises in the workbook before our coaching calls.

 Completing "Soul Alignments"

We will mail you a companion workbook FULL of 150+ pages of illustrations, prompts, and practical exercises that can very easily be incorporated into your everyday life.  Most students spend 1-2 hours/week interacting with the material.

What Our Students Are Saying...

This course put everything I had been working on for the past several years in one place. But this time, it wasn’t about more doing and fixing, it was about more knowing and loving. HWU is the kind of course and connections you just don’t want to end!

-Fall 2020 + Winter 2021

“I listen to my body SO much more and respect what it has to say instead of fighting it or trying to change it.  I am still learning to trust myself, but I’ve seen a major improvement in trusting who I am and what is inside me.”

-Fall 2020

"Happy Whole U taught me how to give voice to my shadows.  I learned to listen deeply and see what else I was hiding.  I love being in a community of women who gather for the same goal. It’s such a safe space to explore what’s there.” 

-Fall 2020

"I’ve spent the last decade investing in therapy, classes, and books, looking for the right 'key' to get healthy and healing in each season of life.  But HWU gave me the tools to be my own healer. I learned how to put into action these healing practices.”

-Fall 2020

How Much Does Happy Whole U Cost?

You will get ALL of this!

Valued at $10,700

  • 150+ pg workbook (full of beautifully designed illustrations, prompts, and thought-provoking exercises) $500 VALUE
  • 40+ Teaching videos that will transform you on your new journey $2000 VALUE
  • 10 Weekly Group Coaching Zoom Calls (starting Monday January 9, 2023) $2000 VALUE
  • Personalized coaching & care throughout the 10 weeks from Cara + Rachael (During Coaching Calls) $2000 VALUE
  • Combined years of individual coaching experience with the credentials to back it (M.A., certified) $4000 VALUE
  • A personalized care plan curated just for you to provide support after the course is over $200 VALUE
  • A supportive community of like-minded (identifying as) women from diverse religious backgrounds PRICELESS


Winter 2023 is SOLD OUT

Happy Whole U sells out FAST!  The last two cohorts sold out the first days we opened to those on the waitlist who had early access. We never even opened enrollment to the public. If you want the option of taking Happy Whole U this spring, you MUST join the wait list below!

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Our spring session of Happy Whole U will run from March 20- May 22 2023. Doors will open for enrollment on February 16th.

Join the waitlist to get early access AND receive our best discount!

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