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Cara + Rachael.  

We understand you because we were YOU. 

We were both former pastors who bravely walked away from old beliefs, jobs, and community to find a beautiful, new life waiting for us on the other side. Knowing first-hand how difficult this journey is, we have devoted ourselves to teaching women like you the tools necessary to move through this hard time so you can relate to yourself and others in a completely new way.

With our Masters degrees in Soul Care and as certified coaches with 15+ yrs experience each, we have coached 100's of women just like you. We are trained with the necessary tools to guide you home. 

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Happy Whole U

Students RAVE about our flagship 10 week group coaching program full of in-depth teaching, 100’s of exercises & tools, personalized coaching from us, as well as a weekly community with like-minded women.

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1:1 Coaching

We each offer personalized coaching sessions to help you make sense of and heal from your religious conditioning. Our style is conversational, accepting, and our clients find their time with us very illuminating.

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FREE Happy Mail

Every week we send resources straight to your inbox: think inspiration, journal prompts, questions to get you thinking, and more. These free weekly emails will aid you in your religious recovery journey.

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“Rachael and Cara are the best duo and allow for a totally inclusive, non-judgmental, learning environment.”


Rosalyn Goss

We Believe That


How We're Different

Coming home to yourself requires new language.

You Are Already WHOLE

We believe in honoring all parts of yourself: The Physical, Emotional, Mental, Relational, and Spiritual. We call this the WHOLE-istic self and believe that tending to all five components is crucial to create meaning and wholeness within.

The Answers Are Within

We believe there is no external fix like a secret juice, diet, book, or guru that has the answers. The Magic is simply inside you. By connecting to your WHOLE-istic self, you can find, listen to, and trust the messages each part offers you.

Gentleness Is the Key

We believe in taking a softer approach to developing a relationship with yourself; one that does not involve harsh pep talks or denying your feelings. Our approach does not deny any parts of who you are; instead it radically embraces them.

Caring vs. Curing

We believe that healing does not mean “curing” or making perfect. Life will not be trouble-free or without its moments of darkness. Healing is the process of learning how to care for who you are now so you can navigate through all the ups and downs of life.