EMILY - Fall '22

"I am so incredibly thankful for Happy Whole U; it has seriously changed my life! Even in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined the change and growth I'd experience in these past 10 weeks. Thank you, Cara and Rachael, for being brave enough to do the work yourself, and brave enough to put it all out there to help people like me."

TRINA - Winter '22

"I cannot express adequately how impactful the work I did with Cara & Rachael has been on my personal development. Truly they are compassionate & wise soul guides who helped me find my own voice and the strength to use it. Happy Whole U is possibly the most important thing I needed after leaving an orthodox religion."

BETH - Winter '22

"I was so impressed with Happy Whole U and so deeply grateful for all of the work that went into creating the program. I learned so many tools I will use for the rest of my life, felt seen and accepted, and created such wonderful friendships along the way. What a special space and I'm really thankful to have been a part of it."


Being a part of HWU was the most impactful decision of my year.

"I had years of personal faith-transition coaching, hundreds of hours of podcasts, close friend support and stacks of books that had guided and aided my religious recovery, AND still Happy Whole U felt like the missing piece for me to finally find home within myself post religion (or for the first time ever really).

I learned how to give myself permission to just BE, as I am, rather than wait to for a better, more perfect version of me to feel worth or good enough. I would recommend this program for anyone seeking support, community, rest, and joy in their religious recovery journey. It will be something you look forward to all week! "

-Brook, Winter 2022

STEPH - Fall '23

“I am so glad I invested in myself and went through HWU. It provided much-needed structure for me in my deconstruction journey. Cara and Rachael are experts in helping guide you back home to yourself. This course is well worth the financial and time commitment, and will be the gift that keeps on giving to myself.”

BROOKE - Spring '23

"Happy Whole U provided a safe space for me to feel all the feels of my faith deconstruction. It has given me the empathy for myself, instruction and hope I desperately needed to make sense of my religious programming. Happy Whole U was worth every penny and I'm so grateful for a group who supported me right where I was!”

SARAH - Winter '23

 "I would 100% recommend taking Happy Whole U! The cost may seem prohibitive initially but it was definitely worth more than what I paid. It was hard work, but necessary, and I wouldn't have wanted to journey it with anyone else. Rachael and Cara were amazing, and it's clear that they love what they do."

LEAH - Spring '22

"This was such a supportive way to process the grief felt after leaving 3+ decades of church dedication. HWU taught me to trust myself more while learning the tools to reconnect with myself. It was so special! This is a hard journey, but Cara and  Rachael gently took my hand and led me forward, together. 

PAULA - Spring '23

I was nervous to branch out and spend my time and money but I am so happy I did! Tthe women in my group accepted and supported me, and Cara and Rachael helped me work through all of my questions. Thank you for the difference Happy Whole U is making in the lives of those taking it. It changed my life!

STEPHANIE - Fall '22

"Happy Whole U was a breath of fresh air and a much needed resource in my healing process. The material is SO good and went over things I didn't even realize I needed. The group support was so helpful while processing through all of this stuff and Cara and Rachael are AMAZING! So grateful I found Happy Whole Way!"


This has been one of the most beautiful and impactful experiences of my life!

"Happy Whole U was exactly what I needed in this phase of rebuilding my life after my faith shift. I learned to be consistently gentle with myself as I am rediscovering who I have always been beneath my conditioning. The group coaching calls and workbook gave me structure that I struggle creating on my own. Cara and Rachael’s loving guidance was invaluable and life changing. I even made deep connections with the women in my cohort that I will take with me forever."

-Mae, Fall 2022

KATE - Fall '21

"I just wanted to thank you both again. I'll literally never stop singing your praises over at Happy Whole U because it was such a valuable experience for me. I want everybody to get to experience it. Learning to care for myself in an empowered way has been HUGE for me

JAIME - Winter '22

"My big ah-ha moment at Happy Whole U was when I discovered and realized that my inner-knowing in religion was always with ME. I was communing with myself my whole life! I was able to reconnect back to myself with so much more understanding and compassion." 

LIBBY - Winter '22

Through the wisdom and fruits of their own labor, Cara and Rachael allowed me to feel like myself. There was an openness of Come as you are that was incredible for me, and made me feel whole again. I’m already restarting what I’ve learned at HWU because it’s a resource that will last a lifetime!"

TOMMI- Fall '21

"I think about what HWU has taught me EVERY SINGLE DAY! My mindset is so different now and I'm so much more confident! OMG and the boundaries I'm setting with work and family! I'll be doing something awesome and think, Thank you HWU! You both are amazing. Thank you for what you're doing for others."

GAYLE - Winter '21

"I want my masters in Happy Whole U! Anything to be with this group and all of you again. Cara and Rachael, this program is just amazing, and your big hearts are perfect for what you are doing. Thank you for blowing my mind left and right with all the connections that you made for me.”

NADIA - Fall '22

"To be in community with other women who are also faith deconstructing is priceless. From the first call, it felt like a warm hug just to know that other people were experiencing the same deep emotions from leaving religion. Cara & Rachael are agents of change when it comes to pointing you back home to yourself."


I have finally come home to myself.

"This was an intense 10 weeks. I enrolled while still in bed, crippled with anxiety, from my tiny phone screen. I was having an internal battle: yes I'm suffering, but can I afford this? Can I afford NOT to take this class? What if it's embarassing/too hard/I feel stupid? I'm happy to say that it's been about 6 months since that first class with Cara and Rachael and I am a stronger, more self-compassionate, more self-assured, anchored human. I still keep in touch with a few of the girls from my group. Leaving Mormonism is no joke, and this course is a big reason I healed the INTENSE shame and self-loathing. I know my worth. I know my voice. I know my Self. I recognize my conditioning. I recognize my coping mechanisms. I recognize my inner critic. I am kintsugi. I have filled my brokenness with gold."

-Cristall, Fall 2022

BEKAH - Fall '21

"It’s been such an incredible feeling being so empowered to look within to give myself what I need rather than completely helpless and hostage to the anxiety.  This is all because of everything I've learned in Happy Whole U. Cara and Rachael, I can’t thank you enough for creating this space”

BRIELLE - Fall '20

"I’ve spent the last decade investing in therapy, classes, and books, looking for the right key to get healthy and healing in each season of my life. But it was Happy Whole U that gave me the actual tools to be my own healer, and taught me how to put into action these healing practices.”

LYNETTE - Fall '21

 "Cara and Rachael are both such perceptive and intuitive women; they speak from wisdom of experience and with great vulnerability that makes you feel right at home. They create a safe space at Happy Whole U that allows you to be honest with and about yourself."

ROX - Spring '22

""Y'all have made such an impact on my life! Coming into Happy Whole U, there was so much inward hatred I felt. I would seriously not be as free as I am today if it weren't for your work. The journey is so much lighter and it's a different world to where I was a year ago. I have you both to thank for that!" 

MEGAN - Spring '23

"I've been slowly unraveling the religious conditioning handed to me during my childhood. However, I felt quite isolated & unsure of myself and the steps I could take to thoughtfully move to a place of acceptance and ease. Through the support of HWU I now feel equipped to move forward & live the life that I want."

SARAH - Winter '23

 "I would 100% recommend taking Happy Whole U! The cost may seem prohibitive initially but it was definitely worth more than what I paid. It was hard work, but necessary, and I wouldn't have wanted to journey it with anyone else. Rachael and Cara were amazing, and it's clear that they love what they do."


This was the final piece in finding MYSELF!

"I am forever grateful for the guidance and practical tools provided by Happy Whole U. It really prepared a safe space for coming home to myself. Cara and Rachael are incredibly attentive guides, always available with a mindful response, kind encouragement, and ready to meaningfully challenge my thoughts (which was such an instrumental piece to my process!) I will so miss that.   

From the very first meeting I felt loved, seen, heard and understood. There is something about finding other women who relate to the life experience of growing up religious that was like finding a unicorn. Despite our varied sexual orientations, locations, backgrounds, and religious experiences, we were all together and had this special shared experience."

-Naomi, Winter 2023

VICKI - Spring '23

“Happy Whole U was just what I needed to guide me through my ongoing faith deconstruction and deprogramming. Seeing and hearing the stories of the other women in my group was so validating and showed me that I wasn’t crazy or alone, despite being in the various different stages of our journey out of deep religion.”

MINDI - Winter '23

 "For the first time it feels like I can be open minded to the world around me and protect myself by setting my own boundaries. What I am learning is that no one can tell me those are wrong anymore. And I can change if something no longer suits me (I'm responsible for ME)! Finally, finally, the gray is more comforting than the black-and-white!"

RACHEL - Winter '23

 "[Because of Happy Whole U] I find myself better equipped to give myself what I needed and deserved as a child and young adult [after religious harm]. I feel a hope for my progress...that I didn't have before. Thank you Cara and Rachael for catapulting me forward, by reminding me *I* am the catapult. I have everything I need."