A Ritual For Releasing Old Religious Beliefs

rituals spirituality Oct 01, 2022

With fall in the air here in the northern hemisphere, the turn of the new season invites us to take inventory of our lives and ask ourselves, "What am I ready to release?" This is especially poignant when we have left a belief system that created some deep religious programming that continues on to this day, despite having left. So take a moment right now to really think about the beLEAFs (see what we did there?!) you want to shed. It can be something that we've listed below or maybe it's more specific to your own situation. Pick one that feels rather big for you and write it down on a piece of paper:

Now that you have the beLEAF you're ready to shed this fall season, take another moment to think about how you want to feel instead. "If I released this belief, I am more free to feel/experience __."

Now you've identified that belief you want to shed, and how it would feel to get rid of it, you're gonna turn that belief around. For example, if you said you're releasing "What I want doesn't matter" you can reframe it into something new, like: "My wants and needs are important. I give myself the time to explore what those are now."

And remember that some of these beliefs that stem from our religious programming don't just disappear like leaves on trees. Shedding these beliefs takes time.

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