Instead of Seeing Your Body as Sinful, Try this

body purity culture Jul 15, 2022

For those of you who were conditioned to believe that they could not trust their own bodies, all thanks to things like Purity Culture and fundamentalism, part of your religious recovery will now be to learn how to come home to yourself. What we mean when we say that is:

And knowing that your religion probably also fostered your perfectionism, you might also still be trying to be perfect at this concept of reclaiming your body. You might be thinking that now you must:

  • NEVER be harsh on yourself ever again!
  • Completely in tune with ALL your sexual desires!
  • Always trusting yourself ONLY!
  • Listening to your body 24/7!

And any area you're still "lacking" in is simply a sign that you are still "unhealed" and it must be corrected or else! (And the "or else" is filled in with your own word: Or else I'm not healthy or healed or happy or whole OR...)

*press pause insert deep breath here*

Here is a more realistic way to view your progress in relating to your body differently now:

It will be like a spiral. You'll start where you are, make momentum, feel like you are starting over, and then forward again. Expect this. And as you view your journey a little differently now, find a new word to choose that better describes your intention towards your body: 


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