New Sunday Rituals

rituals self care spirituality Nov 08, 2022

For those who have left their faith, it is so common to feel a sense of emptiness on Sundays. A day that was once filled with community, spiritual traditions, and activities now can feel desolate and lonely. If you are feeling this loss especially on this day, sometimes it can be helpful to find NEW rituals to replace it with.  Here are 12 ideas to help you with ways you can now spend your time on Sundays if church is no longer an option:

1. Sunday matinees: This is something that I (this is Cara here) did for the first 3 years out of Church. I would go to the first showing at the movies every Sunday and it really gave me this nice tradition to look forward to as I transitioned out of my once-believing routine. 

2. Brunch with friends (or solo): Maybe you have a select group of friends going through the same situation or maybe they just love brunch food like you do. Whatever the case, you can use Sundays for slow mornings, late breakfasts with others or yourself, and what it's like to use this time for leisure.

3. Be in nature: Maybe you want to connect with something greater outside of yourself. Nature is such a powerful way to get in touch with with feelings of sacredness, wonder, and awe. Go on a walk, take a hike, go the beach--do whatever YOU can in order to get outside and get some fresh air. 

4. Visit a local farmers market: And if your city doesn't have famers markets yearlong (*ahem* I'm talking to you Chicago), you can even use Sundays for meal planning for the week, prepping, or just EATING (my favorite pastime). 

5. Sleep in: For some us, the idea of sleeping in on Sundays is a new one. No more are the early mornings of helping set up and leaving late taking down at church. Now you get to be on your timeline!

6. Move your body: Find a workout class that lands on a Sunday. What a great way to stay connected with others on a day that can really feel so lonely. Or simply find a new way to move your body that you actually ENJOY. 

7. Clean your house: For some us, cleaning is a way to deal with our deepest thoughts and work out our emotions. What better way than to have a clean house while you deal with some existential dread, ha (half joking, here). Maybe Sundays can be the new day to distract yourself with household chores, projects, or errands that need to be done for/around the home. 

8. Read a good book: Reserve Sunday mornings to learn something new from a book, get inspired, use that time to escape into a fantasy world that allows you to forget what day this is. You might even want to start a book club! 

9. Sunday playlist: Make a playlist specifically for Sunday mornings that you can put on, dance to, cry, or just enjoy. Missing worship is a BIG thing among those who have left their religion, so why not keep music that inspires you still involved on this day? 

10: Volunteer somewhere: Maybe there is an animal shelter or soup kitchen that has interested you that you can get more involved with. This is a great option for those who still deeply believe in service and helping others. 

11: Family time: You get to create the rules now. What do you all value as a family? How can you spend this time together that fits those values that you would all enjoy? Whatever it is, make being with each other a priority. 

 12: Whatever you want: The possibilities are endless. You get to check in with yourself now and ask, "What do I want to do?" And then honor that and do it!


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