New Terms For God

spirituality Feb 08, 2023

No longer being able (or wanting) to use words like God or prayer because it brings up negative feelings is a very common experience for those who have left religion. When these terms are so loaded with negative connotations (or even give you a legit visceral reaction in your body thinking about a patriarchal father figure), then its time to choose a new one that more accurately reflects the feeling of what that concept means to you now.

For those who are yearning for new imagery and meaning, we want you to know that you can give yourself the permission to explore new vocabulary when you are ready. That sacredness within is in no rush. This is your life, after all. You get to decided when, how, and what involves your new spirituality (however you want to define it). The following are words you can either choose to use for 'God,' you might create your own, OR you might choose nothing:


And the good news is that the terms you choose will most likely change as your beliefs evolve. There is no one-size fits all when you're talking about the concept of something infinitely complex. You can choose what feels right to you (despite your religious programming telling you otherwise). So find what works now, hold it loosely in your hands, and allow yourself to be human and change your mind over time. 


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