New Terms For Prayer

rituals spirituality May 23, 2023

For some of us, we really loved and miss the ritual of prayer while we were in religion. It gave a sense of peace and calmness; it allowed us to feel connected to something bigger than us; and it was a container for all of our worries and fears. And just because we might not have the same religious beliefs anymore, we still might want a ritual that meets those needs. 

Unfortunately, you might notice that when you leave those old religious systems, the old terms they came with no longer work for you because they're loaded with negative connotations (or they give a visceral reaction in your body). So when old terms no longer work, then its time to choose a new one that more accurately reflects the feeling of what that concept means to you now:

The best part of deconstructing your old religious beliefs is that the power is in YOUR hands now: 

  1. You get to choose what feels right for you.
  2. This will change as you evolve. You might choose something different next year as you notice that you have also changed your perspective. 


And if you are looking for new rituals for prayer to try, check this out. Or you can check out these posts for different ritual alternatives.


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