Happy Whole Way presents:

Have you experienced a faith transition and are:

  • Isolated on your journey & craving community? 

  • Tired from all the heaviness and in need of FUN? 

  • Looking for inspiration to keep you going?

Say No More. I'm In!

What Is Happy Whole Hour?

Every other month we will be hosting a virtual happy hour on Zoom to learn about a new "taboo" topic. You can expect Happy Whole Hour to be full of: 


A 90 minute virtual happy hour with folx like you from around the world.


Learn from experts in their field who will inspire you as you recover from harm.

Practical Tools

Each event will focus on practical strategies you can apply to your life immediately.


Deconstruction can be hard & exhausting. Take a break and let loose with us.

On The Menu This Past Month:

Meet Our Guest Speaker

 We are so excited to introduce you Brook, a certified coach through the Life Purpose Institute as well as a Soul Tarot graduate: An inclusive, trauma-informed, non-predictive, program rooted in common sense and critical thinking. She regularly facilitates meditation, guided imagery, journaling, and hands-on creative activities at women’s retreats as well as offers tarot readings and 1-1. Here are Brook's own words about how the practice of tarot came into her life:

Liz Gilbert talks about learning Italian after her divorce. She describes it as a new language that did not have any connection to her past. Tarot felt like that to me, after I deconstructed the Mormon belief system I had been apart of.  The cards were a new language to learn that did not contain any connection to my past, and yet its wisdom seemed to contain the complexity and story of human history.

Tarot can be simple, and also really juicy and complex, and I found at that time I welcomed something new and complicated for my brain to learn and my heart to connect with. I also wanted a practice that felt sovereign, non-hierarchal, and no-nonsense—but one that could still lend itself to awe, wonder, synchronicity and connection to something bigger.

For me, tarot is the ultimate daily journal prompt and I use it as a wellness & creative practice, and a grounding ritual. I personally love the quiet time of thinking of a question to bring to my deck (or really my own intuition and inner Knowing), pulling cards and journaling the wisdom that comes forward. Tarot is self-reflection, history, art, mythology, the hero’s journey, psychology, and the human experience. I look forward to sharing it with you!

This Is For You If:

You miss community and want to connect to others who get you 

You were taught that tarot is the devil's tool but now you are curious about it

You're looking for a practice to help you grow in self trust

You have no idea where to start when it comes to tuning into your intuition

Your Hosts

We are Rachael + Cara, co-founders of Happy Whole Way. We are M.A. certified coaches specializing in faith transitions who have worked with hundreds of women, but that is not where it started. We used to be former pastors in the Evangelical church and left our faith 17 years ago (before the term deconstruction was even a thing). We created this space because we know what it feels like to go through a faith transition alone. Read more about us here.

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