Welcome to your Inner Resources

Part of your religious recovery involves re-integrating ALL parts of your WHOLE self that religion trained you were not to be trusted, or worse yet evil. The five components that make up the self are your: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Relational, and Spiritual self. 

We believe you have FIVE components that make up your WHOLE Self. Each component carries inner resources and gifts.  You can use the messages from each part to develop deeper self trust by:

Listening to Your Body

Your body is constantly communicating to you in your symptoms. Learning your unique language is revolutionary!

Thinking Critically

You were taught to take your thoughts captive, but they can lead you to freedom by showing you where you are stuck.

Decoding Your Emotions

Every emotion you feel has a message to offer you. Once you learn their language you can effectively move through them.

Making Sacred Space to Be

You now get to decipher, trust, and execute what your inner intuition values and is guiding you towards. 

If you were conditioned by religion to believe that the only part of you that is really important is your spiritual self, then you probably struggle with self love now that you have left the Church. Since you most likely weren't taught the tools to listen to your body, decode your emotions, or understand your thoughts, then creating a relationship with yourself will feel foreign.

We are here to help!

We created a Self Love Language Type quiz to help you understand yourself better and show you where to start on this new self love journey. We have found that everyone leads with one of the components of the WHOLE self (Psst: not everyone leads with their spiritual self!) Whatever your dominant component is, this is called your Self Love Language Type. Knowing what you lead with will: