Were You Taught to Save the Lost?

happy whole u religious programming Aug 01, 2022

If you grew up believing that it was your job to save those who are lost, call out the sin in your brothers and sisters in Christ, and above all, have a servant's heart, you might now be an adult who:



Remember how we're always talking about "religious programming"? Yup, you guessed it, this is yet another way it is still showing up in your life, even though you've left religion. You are free to now:

  • Carefully choose who you share your new beliefs with
  • Take your time with this process and go as slow as you need
  • Not share your opinions on topics that you don't want to
  • Let others handle themselves while you handle YOU


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Just notice how common it is to still experience a different side of the same coin after leaving religion. Instead of blaming yourself for being (fill in the blank), maybe next time you can give yourself the grace this is just your religious programming that you are no longer subjected to?


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