The Good Girl's Guide to

Healing From Religious Harm

a 4 week self-led course


Hey, Good Girl!

Did high demand religion train you to:

Not trust yourself because you're sinful
Abandon yourself so much you are lost
Seek perfection to your own detriment
Put others ahead of yourself,  always

You are not alone!

It makes sense why you don't know who you are now.

These are the collective starting points we hear daily from all of our clients:

"There was so much inward hatred and disconnect from what I felt and what I knew [after I left high demand religion].-Roxanne
"[Leaving high demand religion] left me completely overcome with big emotions to the point of not being able to function." -Bekah

"I navigated life with an overwhelming sense of disconnect... because I was never able to explore ME."   -Emily

"I had no idea who I was (after leaving) or who I wanted to be - and no way to figure it out. I felt stalled and overwhelmed." -Jaime

We've been there, too.

Hi! We're Cara + Rachael

We have been M.A. certified coaches for 17 years, specializing in faith transitions. We have worked 1,000s of hours extensively coaching women who were programmed to be “good girls” in religious environments and have taught them the tools to recover from their religious harm.

We can help you too

But this in not where we started. Both of us were former pastors in the Evangelical church for a decade. We left everything behind many years ago in our late 20s, one of the most difficult experiences of our lives. We navigated those deconstruction waters alone and always wished there had been resources to help.

That's why we created:

After years of working with 100s of recovering religious good girls (not to mention that this was our story as well), we began to see repetitve themes in our clients. So...

We took those universal themes and created this course to help YOU!

The Good Girl's Guide helps you answer the questions: "Who am I now? Will I ever feel free again? How can I get unstuck?" as you are on the path of healing from religious harm.

This course is more than just healing religious harm.

It's about:

Stopping the self-blame cycle that says YOU are the problem
Taking back your personal power that religion stole from you 
Living from your most authentic, meet-your-own-needs self 
Empowering yourself by learning to actually trust yourself

If you are looking for community, personalized coaching, and in-depth teaching within a 10-week period, you might want to consider our signature online group coaching program: Happy Whole U


"Y'all have made such an impact on my life! Would not be as free as I am today if it weren't for your work. The journey is so much lighter and it's a different world to where I was a year ago. I have both of you to thank for that!" - Roxanne
"I really can’t express how much these tools have been helping me. I feel like I can cope in a way I’ve never been able to before. So grateful to you, Cara + Rachael. It has seriously changed my life!"  -Bekah

"I am so thankful for [your work]; it has seriously changed my life!  Even in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined the change & growth I've experienced. Thank you so much for your work!" -Emily

"Because of you both, I learned how to ask questions and to learn to listen to myself. You two taught me to dig deeper, be curious and kind to myself. I now know who I am because of it." -Jaime

"I think about what you have taught me literally EVERY SINGLE DAY!! My mindset is so different now and I'm so much more confident! You both are amazing, seriously. I appreciate you so much what you're doing for others."  -Tommi

"[Being a part of HWU] was the most impactful decision of my year. I was able to give myself permission to just BE, as is, each day--rather than wait to for a more perfect version of me to feel worth or good enough. I recommend this for anyone seeking support, rest, and joy in their religious recovery journey." -Brook

"I was so impressed with this course (Happy Whole U) and so deeply grateful for all the work that went into creating the program. I learned so much and felt seen. I will use the tools I learned from the class for the rest of my life. This is such a special space and I'm really thankful to have been a part of it." -Beth
"I am much more aware of my triggers and their origin, which has been really helpful in learning how to communicate that in my marriage and in parenting. I have much more grace for myself and no longer see myself as broken but rather, just human." -Lynette
"Just want to thank you again. I'll literally never stop singing your praises, because it was such a valuable experience for me. I want everybody to get to experience it. Learning to care for myself in an empowered way has been HUGE for me!" -Kate
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This is for you if:

  • You've felt lost after religion and don't know who you are now
  • You need practical, effective tools, not just inspiring talk
  • You're ready to commit time and energy to your recovery 
  • You have the structure and space to do the course on your own time

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want theological proof why your religion isn't right
  • You need personalized coaching (see Happy Whole U)
  • You have extreme trauma symptoms (we are not trauma therapists)
  • Your biggest need is structured community (see Happy Whole U)

Peek Inside The Good Girl's Guide's


SECTION 1. The Problem

  • Religion taught you a "good girl" cycle (and learn how to break free from it)
  • Discover how perfectionistic standards for yourself are actually a defense mechanism 
  • Find out why the never-ending self improvement journey is NOT the solution.

Section 2: The Good vs Bad Lens

  • Understand how the hamster wheel of healing is actually a trap for those who come from high demand religion
  • Learn a proven strategy to help you quickly spot when you're getting sucked into the Good Girl cycle and practical exercises to shift out of it for good 
  • Discover an alternative way to relate to the aspects of yourself that you dislike that WILL blow your head out of the water!

Section 3: All about Needs

  • Find out how taking your power back doesn't mean completely throwing away your religious past (HINT: You can use it to uncover the path forward).
  • Learn how your needs are at the bottom of ALL OF THIS and how to work through them to get to the other side
  • Get clear direction for how to 'listen within' to discover your core needs and the tools to finally meet them
  • Discover a more effective way to handle "self sabotaging" behaviors 

Section 4: Defining my Values Now 

  • Learn how to create a beautiful life full of value, purpose, and forward motion without the structure of religion.
  • Follow a simple step-by-step process to get clarity around what your passions, strengths and values are now that you aren't being told what they 'should' be
  • Discover practical ways to structure your life around the things that are important to you.


Video Curriculum Lessons

This course is completely online and can be taken from anywhere in the world. The core content is made up of 4 Sections. Each video lesson contains detailed slides with lots of content. Ideally you would spend one week on each section, watching the videos and giving yourself ample time to ponder the content and engage with the exercises. The course was designed to take roughly one month to complete on your own.

Downloadable PDFs

Contained within the curriculum are 30+ worksheets that go along with the teaching, and will help you directly apply the material you're learning to your own life. You will be able to print them off to do over and over as many times as you want over the years as your circumstances change, because you will have LIFETIME ACCESS! Any time we add new worksheets they will be available to you!

Lifetime access 

Once you purchase "Good Girls Guide to Healing From Religious Harm" you will have lifetime access to the material.  Every time we add worksheets, update our video lessons, or add new resources to the resource guide, you will have instant access for years to come!

Resources Library

We get asked often for resources on a huge variety of topics: parenting, trauma, sexuality, overcoming purity culture, navigating relationships, boundaries, etc.

Inside the curriculum we have an entire library of resources at your disposal that will continually evolve as we find more things to add to it. You have lifetime access to this huge list so you can find help as new issues arise.



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