How Not To Get Stuck in Your Anger

anger emotions faith deconstruction May 01, 2022

If you were trained to believe that anger was sinful and a lack of spiritual maturity, it's no doubt why you are experiencing conflicting feelings about your anger, now that you have left. This is what we call your religious programming. Just because you left doesn't mean that the indoctrination has left you. You might find yourself incredibly angry over your experience, angry about: 

First off, how NORMAL of you! Anger is one of the most common emotions as you deconstruct and/or transition from your faith. But if you were never taught how to move through it properly, you might be feeling stuck right now; either afraid to feel it or in fear that you will always feel it.

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One of the important things to remember about any uncomfortable emotion is that they're simply messengers. You can learn how to listen to, honor, and move them through your system. Here are a few of our best tips to help you move through anger on your religious recovery journey: 

  1. Understand the message of anger ("What needs protection?")
  2. Ask yourself what boundaries are needed in this situation
  3. Furiously write it all out. All of it. 
  4. Vigorously move your body, if you can
  5. Vent it outloud
  6. Cry and release it
  7. Connect to and control your breathing
  8. Scream into a pillow

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