The ONE Powerful Question to Ask Yourself

curiosity healing religious programming Sep 01, 2023

Want to know what our secret ingredient is over at Happy Whole U? It's actually ONE question that we hope to ingrain into each client by the end of the 10 weeks. Are you ready for it? The life-changing question is:

“Isn’t that interesting?”

We know, we know, it's a bit anti-climactic, isn't it? You might be scratching your head at how those 3 words can actually change everything but keep reading, we promise it will become clear.

If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ll know that we are very gentle in our approach to healing from religious harm. In all honesty, we weren’t always like this. Believe us when we say we tried everything under the sun in the last 2 decades on our own personal journeys, but nothing seemed to work. That's because no matter what we tried, there was always the undercurrent of our religious programming that we were so unconscious to. It never mattered what we did, we always ended up back in the same place: with this unshakeable belief that we were broken.

Truth be told, we were just regurgitating the very thing we learned in religion, which was how we were a helpless sinner (now just replace sinner with "unhealthy" or "unhealed" person) who couldn’t save herself and needed something external to save her. And every time we would mess up, we would get so frustrated. How could I be here again?! Didn’t I learn this lesson already?! The only tactic we knew was shame, as we vowed to NEVER do the bad thing again.  

And we’re guessing this sounds familiar for you, too?

Religious programming is just a habituated pattern your brain has learned to respond to certain thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and beliefs. If you want to learn how to start shifting out of it, you have to be able to pause in the midst of it in order to alter your response to it. You need curiosity to do that. 

And that's where we cue: "Isn't that interesting?!" 

So instead of that knee-jerk response that has you:

  • thinking something is wrong with you
  • Beating yourself up for messing up
  • Feeling defeated and hopeless

….(remember, that was us, too!) you’re going to start observing it and ask yourself, “Isn’t that interesting?!” Isn’t that interesting that I:

  • Think it should be easy to come out to my parents about my new beliefs
  • Can’t connect back to my body as I want
  • Don’t know who I am still after leaving religion
  • Am so hard on myself because of all the above

Hmmm, I wonder why I do that? I wonder where I learned that? I wonder what it is that I actually need? 

By asking yourself those 3 words [Isn't That Interesting?] you’re automatically doing 3 things:

  1. Instantaneously removing judgment
  2. Bringing in the energy of curiosity and compassion
  3. Taking back your power

Read that last one again. Those 3 words will help you restore your power. And if you are anything like us, feeling empowered is exactly what you need on this journey.


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