Your Religious Programming Can Now Sound Like

healing religious programming Jul 08, 2023

Like we always say, you can take the girl out of the Church, but the Church's programming will live on in the girl (and *can* wreak havoc) if not addressed. It's important to remember that even though you might have left certain religious systems, the way you were trained to view the world and yourself is still running behind the scenes.

So when you used to think, "What a wretch I was before I was saved! I can't believe I lived like that!" you might now find yourself hating who you were when you were religious. Or when you used to try to save souls from hell, you might now try to save them from religion. It's just the different side of the same coin. Do any of these sound familiar?:

Here's something to think about: The simple act of becoming more aware about the programming and patterns religion ingrained in you (AND how it now shows up for you) can be transformative enough to create a shift. Awareness is always where you start.

And when you notice yourself falling back into programming patterns (because OF COURSE you would!), instead of beating yourself up for it, try a little self compassion. Remind yourself, "How normal of me to think this way. It's all I knew for so long." See what happens when you try a new tactic for an old trick.

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