4 Ways to Build Self Trust

events healing self care self trust May 01, 2023

One of the most common effects of leaving high demand religion is having zero idea of how to connect to yourself. Especially when you were raised from a very young age in a religious environment that taught you that: 

  • Your nature is inherently sinful
  • Your thoughts will deceive you
  • Your heart can't be trusted
  • You have to find God's will in every choice you make

...it makes sense why it feels impossible to trust yourself. This religious programming essentially trained you to find internal safety through externally looking for your answers and validation, causing you to mistrust yourself.

And you don't just go from all of that conditioning into being an autonomous adult who completely trusts themselves overnight. But thankfully it's possible to still grow in self trust, no matter what age you are!

Here are 4 practical ways to practice building self trust:

  1. Create a sacred space in your home: Find a special spot in your home to retreat to get better acquainted with your inner voice/self. Decorate it as you like, play music that interests you, and maybe even use it as a place to journal, meditate, or read. Read more about how to create a sacred space here.

  2. Make a YOU list: Get in the daily habit of asking yourself what YOU like/dislike. Coming out of high demand religion can feel like reentering puberty so it's important to have space to figure out who you are now. Maybe even consider keeping a "getting to know yourself" journal. This is the time for self discovery!

  3. Listen to your body: Give yourself moments in the day to pause and check in with yourself. Maybe even try doing a body scan where for 2 minutes you notice where your body hurts/needs attention, and then ask what it needs. Here are 4 more effective techniques to try with your body.

  4. Find creative, playful practices that build on your intuition: Things like art/writing, affirmations, or even tarot can be great tools. Speaking of which! Introducing (drum roll please)...


This month is the grand unveiling of a new event series we are planning: Happy Whole Hour. Every other month we will come together as a community on Zoom for a virtual happy hour where we will discuss taboo topics that religion never allowed us to talk about. This month, we have a very special (and TRUSTED) guest speaker that will be talking about using tarot (without the woo!) as a practice to tune within. Click below to learn more!

Remember, the path to building self trust is paved with time, repetition and even playfulness. Come join us for happy hour this month as we discuss new ways to explore self discovery!

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