How to Create Sacredness During a Faith Transition

rituals spirituality Aug 15, 2022

If there's one thing I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy, it is going through a faith transition (just kidding...well, sort of). I'm sure you will agree with us that it is a sure-fire way to feel confused, isolated, uncertain, self doubting, should we go on? Like something you wouldn't take back, but you'd sure love to be through it already!


One thing that both Cara and I (this is Rachael) did to nurture ourselves on this journey (now 17 years in), is to create a "sacred space" in our homes. It really has given us a container to honor and hold the parts of ourselves that need love. And it's a tool we like recommending to anyone on a similar journey, if interested!


For us this "sacred space" is an actual physical place (we have both transformed closets into special rooms) but you can create the same sense of sacredness by curating a box filled with special objects that travels with you wherever you go. 


This sacred space can be used for:

  • grounding
  • meditating / relaxing
  • thinking something through / silence
  • journaling / reading
  • deep breathing
  • whatever you want!


Will you do us a favor? If you create a sacred space of your own (or already have one), we'd LOVE to see it! Reply to this email or tag us on Instagram @happywholeway with your pics!


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