Normal Emotions of Faith Deconstruction

emotions faith deconstruction Aug 08, 2022

Losing your religions is supposed to feel like a tsunami of ALL the emotions (unfortunately). When you uproot everything you once knew to be true, you don't just land back on your feet the next day. You take a long journey with emotions that, quite possibly, you never felt so deeply like this. This isn't pretty stuff.


You can feel incredibly happy that you're free while simultaneously experiencing:

  1. Anger over everything you endured (here are some great tips to help you work through that anger)
  2. Sadness over what was lost
  3. Fear of what others will think (you were trained to get the approval of your community)
  4. Back-of-mind hell (yes this is normal and real to still be afraid of satan, demons, and hell even when you logically don't believe!)
  5. Regret over everything you used to believe in (here's a ritual for releasing old beliefs)

There is nothing wrong with you if you find yourself all 6 of these emotions together at the same time (plus more!) Here's a video that will give you a good laugh dealing with this very thing. 

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