How Religion Disconnected You From Yourself

healing religious harm religious programming self trust Jun 08, 2023

It's no mystery why you struggle to feel self-love and trust. Look at how you religion trained to be towards yourself: 

We hope that as you look at this pie graph, you will take a deep sigh of relief because you're actually not an unhealthy mess, you are just living out of old religious programming. Given what you were trained to believe, OF COURSE, this is you now.

The good news is that you won't always be this disconnected after leaving high demand religion. There are LOTS of things that can help. You to now reclaim the things you were once taught by

  1. Building self trust.
  2. Learning how to relate differently to the emotions, experiences, and sexual desires you were told were sinful, that are actually normal human things.
  3. Inserting yourself back into your life. YOU matter. You get a say in how you want your life to look. You no longer need the permission from pastors, elders, the Bible, your parents, or even God to move forward. 

We have the power to look back on all that we were taught to give us an understanding as to why we are who we are. And though it might not have been our fault as to what happened, it is our responsibility now to do something about it. 

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