The Hamster Wheel of "Healing"

good girl healing religious harm religious programming Jun 01, 2023
You wouldn't be the first person to come out of their faith as an adult, realizing:
  • You have no idea who you are now
  • Having needs *still* feels selfish
  • You think it's YOU who is the problem
What we want you to know is this is the common lived experience for most of us. You are not alone! In fact, if you feel this way, then your religious programming did exactly as it was supposed to. Your religion created a cycle where it set you up to mistrust yourself (because, SIN) and then blame *yourself* for any shortcoming. Want to know something? Come in closer...
We can guarantee you that same cycle is STILL (unknowingly) playing out in your life, despite your changed beliefs. You still fight every normal, human thing about you, not to mention you blame yourself for how far behind you feel. And we can bet that you now think the solution is to go on this never-ending self improvement journey to heal and rid yourself of any "toxic" trait that will save you from ever feeling like this again. 
How do we know this? Not only do we hear it time and again with our clients but this is also our story as well! We spent years on the hamster wheel of healing when we first left Evangelicalism. We tried to change our:
  • mindsets
  • thoughts
  • "toxic" patterns know, heal all the parts of us that were simply human. Why? Because we were conditioned to do this and when the light bulb went off that this was our religious programming, it was a game changer. We set out to do something radically different than we were used to.
We began teaching our clients the same effective process we learned over the past 17 years to not only undo it all, but find empowerment through self discovery. And when we saw the INCREDIBLE results, we knew we had to create a course that was available to more people, all with the intention to help release other religious Good Girls from the prison of:
  • perfectionistic standards religion trained you in
  • the "hamster wheel of healing" (it's a trap!)
  • the disempowerment of not knowing who you are after leaving religion

It's why we created:


What you'll get:

  • A self-led course you can do at your own pace
  • 4 sections of video content to break you free from the Good Girl cycle
  • 30+ worksheets to complement the video teachings
  • A resource guide on a variety of religious deconstruction topics
  • Lifetime access!

If you are looking for more support on your recovery from religious harm, you're gonna want to check out our new course here.


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